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Author: Livia Greaca
Scientific collaborator: phd. Elena Badea, National Research & Development Institute for Textiles and Leather, Advanced Research for Cultural Heritage Laboratory (ARCH Lab)
Technique: mixed media – tempera on parchment and leather; acrylic on parchment and leather; dyeing fabric; handling fabric, parchment and leather.

Concept: The art installation “Chroma” is based on the theme of perception and symbolism of colours. It aims to research, analyse and express in terms of contemporary art the process by which science, art and technology have interacted over the centuries to generate the tones and shades that have built and populated the universe of visual arts since ancient times. The artwork proposes a foray into the world of pigments and natural materials, organic and inorganic materials, tracing the diachronic trajectory of technology and science up to the contemporary era of polymer and synthetic materials.

From a symbolic perspective, the intention that guides the artistic discourse is to create an alternative vision of colour. It aims to reveal a topography of pigments by bringing into visible the microscopic aspect and the specific configurations of pigments, thus rendering the materiality of an immaterial concept, of a sensation, namely “the shape of colour”.

Images from the exhibition

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