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SCIENTIFIC COLLABORATORS: National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics | dr. Marian Zamfirescu, drd. Cristina Elena Staicu, dr. Florin Jipa


Installation • Painting on circular canvas with acrylic compounds, diameter of 50 cm • Video projection [duration: 3.00 min].

The project [ the cell ] aimed to subject laboratory cells to sonic experiments. The exhibition presents the result of a cymatics experiment of sonic generation of the specifically created frequencies, on a classic canvas support with acrylic substance.

Is sound pollution more damaging than air pollution? Are there any beneficial sound frequency? [The Cell] explores the effect of certain frequencies on living cells. Samples of live cells were subjected to 3 tipes of frequencies: 417 Hz, 369 Hz și 528 Hz and were studied under the microscope, by researchers, before and after the experiment, but also by comparison with incubated control samples.

Images from the exhibition

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