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SCIENTIFIC COLLABORATOR: Institute of Space Science | dr. Gina Isar


Video projection, 50 sec., soundless, loop • Video, 2 screens, 14 min. and 1 min. 40 sec., soundless, loop; 2×ultra giclee print on Aluco, 70×40 cm each • 2×silver photography, drawing, 20×30cm each • Photo montage, silver paper, 50×40 cm • 2×silver photography, 18×22cm each.

The project Archeology of the invisible – echoes from the distant universe, talks in a poetic key about possible ways of representing the interaction of high energy particles with the Earth’s atmosphere. The photo-video installation includes different performative situations, a laboratory experiment and a block of scientific data
reassembled in a minimalist logic, with strong narrative accents.

Images from the exhibition

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