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SCIENTIFIC COLLABORATORS: National Research-Development Institute for Textiles and Leather | dr. Elena Badea, drd. Iulia Caniola, msc. Simona Păunescu, msc. Emanuel Hadîmbu


Interactive installation with tactile stimuli and multi-channel video-audio effects [parchment stretched on the traditional processing frame, artificial fibril consisting of conductive paths, touch devices, MIDI Controller, laptop and Ableton Live Software, 6-channel audio system and sound card, Kera device with 5 speakers, video projector with video-mapping sensor, tetrahedrons dressed in sheepskin, mini-laboratory box, sketchbook, collages, notes].

The Manuspectrum installation proposes a different ‘writing/ reading’ of the manuscript on traditional parchment, addressed this time to the whole perceptual system, starting from tactility and extending to auditory and visual, even kinesthetic – to perceive reality with the whole corporeality. The project is based on the concept of parchment as a multilayer support of information [genetic information, historical information, technological information, artistic and cultural information], defined following the scientific research conducted during the residency at the Institute of Textiles and Leather. This multilayer character gives the processed skin in the form of parchment the position of forerunner of digital multimedia because both have a hypertext depth and a hypermedia information complexity. Subsequently,
following the research conducted in the personal laboratory through a series of experiments and tests, I highlighted the major role of the skin in the complex coordination of the perceptual system in relation to external stimuli. The parameters of this research were converted into elements of multimedia artistic language, the installation simulating the complex relationship between interiority and exteriority, between opening and closing the circuit of the installation with our own skin, between these polarities thus being created the substance of the works.

Images from the exhibition

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