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Fusion, artistic residencies in research institutes, teamed 4 artists (SaintMachine, Sillyconductor, Cosmin Haiaș and Cătălin Crețu) with 4 researchers from scientific institutes in Bucharest (the National Institute for Material Physics – Romania, the Institute for Space Sciences, the National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics and the National Institute for Research and Development for Optoelectronics – INOE 2000).

The multi-layered approach to the residency spanned over several months, allowing each team to establish and grow their projects. At first, the two parts got acquainted to each-others expertise and vision through a series of visits in institutes and common conferences. This lead to clearly defined art-science common grounds, further developed into artistic concepts. Everything was put into practice during a two week period when artists and scientist worked together in institutes to develop together the sci-tech part of each concept. Afterwards, artists refined the works during two months of artistic production.

The program concluded with an exhibition and a series of artist-scientist talks presented at BRD Scena9 Residency. The program was initiated and managed by Mihaela Ghiță, with the support and funding provided by Rezidenta BRD Scena9.

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FUSION AIR pilot edition aftermovie:

Film by: Black Horse Mansion

The Fusion project was funded and organized by Fundatia9 in partnership with

Bucharest City HallExpo Arte Cultural Center, co-produced by BRD Scena9 Residency and with Samsung‘s support.  

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