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Fusion AIR is a residency program designed to create a meeting place between artists and scientists. It aims to provide a functional collaborative infrastructure that facilitates artists’ participation in scientific research, ultimately brining technical concepts closer to a broader audience.


We seek artists interested in scientific methods and research tools. Also, we aim to establish systematic interactions with representatives from various scientific research institutes, in order to promote transdisciplinary practices, using shared data and technical facilities.


Aside from the main residency frame, Fusion AIR includes specific events that outreach and disseminate the art & science approach: exhibitions, artist talks, conferences, workshops.


Current scientific partnerships include the National Institute for Material Physics, the National Institute for Space Sciences, the National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics and the National Institute for Research and National Research & Development Institute for Textiles and Leather. We are constantly working on expanding this list, within Romania as well as world-wide.

Fusion Air editions

FusionAIR 2022 Open Call

Fusion:AIR 2022


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Fusion:AIR 2021

Fusion:AIR 2021


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Fusion Pilot

Fusion Pilot Edition


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Are you representing a relevant institution for FUSION AIR?

Fusion AIR

Our philosophy behind Fusion AIR is to create a mutually beneficial platform of interdisciplinary practices, merging both artistic and scientific creativity. Our experience has shown that the artistic approach both stimulates and liberates scientific research, allowing it to push forward from points that initially seemed like dead-ends. Equally important, artists benefit from an infusion of data and methodology into their practice, establishing the theoretical basis for their projects and further pushing them forward through scientific innovation. We support the promotion and communication of these collaborative projects within the global art & science communities.

Does your artistic project fit our vision?

FUSION AIR – artistic residency in scientific research institutes opened the path for interdisciplinary collaboration in Romania, as a model of dialog and co-production between the cultural and scientific sectors that we believe is essential for society. 

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