FUSION | 2019

Fusion, artistic residencies in research institutes, teamed 4 artists (SaintMachine, Sillyconductor, Cosmin Haiaș and Cătălin Crețu) with 4 researchers from scientific institutes in Bucharest (the National Institute for Material Physics - Romania, the Institute for Space Sciences, the National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics and the National Institute for Research and Development for Optoelectronics - INOE 2000).

The multi-layered approach to the residency spanned over several months, allowing each team to establish and grow their projects. At first, the two parts got acquainted to each-others expertise and vision through a series of visits in institutes and common conferences. This lead to clearly defined art-science common grounds, further developed into artistic concepts. Everything was put into practice during a two week period when artists and scientist worked together in institutes to develop together the sci-tech part of each concept. Afterwards, artists refined the works during two months of artistic production.


The program was initiated and managed by Mihaela Ghiță, with the support and funding provided by Rezidenta BRD Scena9.

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