→ Shared Experience Lab brings together local and international specialists who share their practical experience at the intersection of art and science.

Shared Experience Lab is an experimental project created with the purpose of investigating and presenting the potential, benefits, and impact of the art & science field. This hybrid domain holds significant artistic, scientific, and educational stakes in both the local and international cultural landscape. The project aims to fluidize the dialogue between cultural and research domains to generate innovative and sustainable approaches in art, science, and society. With a mixed structure of artist talks, scientist talks, panel discussions, and debates about art, science, and society, accompanied by a participatory art exhibition (case study), Shared Experience Lab offers the audience a candid and accessible perspective on a field often perceived as an abstract and even cryptic transdisciplinary amalgamation.

Initiated by Qolony , the project promotes transdisciplinary practices and collaborations as alternative methodologies contributing to a culturally, technologically, and socially sustainable future. Shared Experience Lab invites the public to engage in debates and discussions about transdisciplinarity in artistic and scientific projects, the philosophical, social, and ethical implications of such practices, and the impact of new technologies on these practices and daily life. All discussions will be published over the next two months on the channel.

Shared Experience Lab kicks off with a series of podcast discussions featuring important representatives of the independent cultural field in Romania (Suzana Dan – Rezidența9 or Alin Rotariu – Asociația Simultan) and internationally (Laura Welzenbach – Ars Electronica Export and Claudia Schnugg - independent researcher and curator). They will share their experience in creating interdisciplinary projects with mixed teams and discuss the impact that the art & science field has on society and contemporary culture.

WHEN: → September 15 | 16:00


ARTIST TALKS | Floriama Candea |Sabina Suru |Cătălin Crețu

At the end of the project, during the exhibition starting on October 1 at VAGon – an interdisciplinary space within the Atelierele Malmaison community in Bucharest, the public will have the opportunity to practically experience these principles through a behind-the-scenes exhibition proposed by artists Floriama Candea, Sabina Suru & Andrei Tudose, and Cătălin Cretu, along with programmer Cristian Balaș.


Shared Experience Lab is a cultural project funded by the Ministry of Culture through the Access 2022 program.


Ars Electronica Export, VAGon, Rezidența9, Asociația Simultan

Media Partners: Radio Romania Cultural, Postmodernism,, The Institute