BIOPHILIA, TECHNOPHILIA - transdisciplinary collaboration between art and scientific research

From October 16 to 22, the IN:Fusion project, an experimental hackathon initiated by the Qolony Association, is entering its next phase. This event brings together scientists, theorists, artists, and designers to collaboratively develop innovative artistic ideas. The first part of the week includes visits to partners labs, followed by lectures and 2 intesisive working days for the artists and scientists.

IN:Fusion offers 10 participating artists the opportunity to test and develop their project ideas alongside researchers from partner institutes (National Institute for Research and Development in Physics of Materials (INFIM), National Institute for Research and Development in Textiles and Leather (INCDTP), National Institute for Lasers, Plasma, and Radiation Physics (INFLPR), Institute of Space Science (ISS), Research Center for the Study of Agri-Food Product Quality – HORTINVEST (USAMV)).

Selected artists will be guided through laboratory tours in Măgurele, attend presentations, and present their project proposals to the audience and expert jury on Thursday, October 19, and Friday, October 20. This collaborative effort aims to form working teams that can later develop the projects together. All hackathon proposals will be showcased in an exhibition at Conacul Oteteleșanu, with the top four receiving awards.

The jury consists of researchers involved in the project from partner institutes: Dr. Marius Echim and Dr. Maximilian Teodororescu (ISS), Dr. Bogdana Mitu (INFLPR), Dr. Ana Butcaru (USAMV), Dr. Victor Diculescu (INFIM), and Dr. Elena Badea (INCDTP), along with the Qolony creative team.

The 10 artists competing in the following week are: Denis Flueraru, Alexandra Costea, Zoița Delia Călinescu, Anca Știrbacu, Teodor Buruiană, Carmen Ioniță, Adrian Florentin David, Sabin – Andrei Țelea, Mihai Valentin Popescu, and Olimpiu Bandalac.

Through this initiative, the Qolony Association aims to create new learning and development opportunities, fostering transdisciplinary collaboration between art and scientific research. Under the shared theme - Biophilia - Technophilia, the hackathon explores ideas for reconciling rapidly advancing technology with our innate need to connect with the natural environment. This event establishes a collaborative infrastructure between artists and scientists, fostering innovative and imaginative art & science projects. Participating artists gain access to scientific information and facilities in the institutes, while researchers have the chance to engage with a different realm of creativity.

WHEN: Saturday, October 21, 6:00 PM

WHERE: PALATUL OTETELESANU (Str. Călugăreni 5, Măgurele 077126)