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The Somatist, the Entropist & the Skeptic

The Art & Science Colony

We are here to blur the boundaries between art, science and technology and support their simultaneous evolution through creativity. 


We aim to develop and implement a viable framework for experimentation between artists, scientific researchers and other cultural operators via methodologies and protocols that allow the expansion of transmedia practices.

Our projects


The Somatist, the Entropist & the Skeptic

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Artist In Residence Program


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Art & Science Conference Program

Fusion:Talks 2021

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Affective Particles

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Art & Science Interviews with Mihaela Ghita

Saturday Evening Talks

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Core team

Sabina Suru
vizual artist and cultural manager, with a focus on the interference of obsolete technology and new media
Mihaela Ghiță
science journalist and cultural manager, supporter of interdisciplinary dialogue and scientific intervention.
Floriama Cîndea
vizual artist, bio art promoter
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